China 8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red,8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red Manufacturer
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8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red

  • Product Name:  8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red
  • Price:  $14.00
  • Model NO.:  TA-114-RED
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  8pcs/box
  • Product Details:  8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red

8pcs/box Artist Tattoo Pen - red

Color: red
Packing: 8pcs/box
Type:Tattoo  Pen
Use: Multifunction, both sides can use.
Color available: black, red, blue, purple
Skin Tattoo Pem For Free Hand Drawing
Skin Skribe pens are used for free hand drawing of designs onto skin. For those artists that do not use stencils. It may be more time consuming to do it this way but it may be more worthwhile since what you are getting is a unique one of a kind piece. Also, free hand artists tend to charge more as their work is custom and cannot be easily replicated with tattoo flash copies.
Tattoo Marker Pen
This is a tattoo marker pen that is designed for drawing on skin. We recommend that you only use markers that are made for use on humans when you are going to free hand draw. The time invested to do the design may be wasted if you accidentally wipe a part of it off.

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