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Spectra Halo Rotary Tattoo Machine -- Purple

  • Product Name:  Spectra Halo Rotary Tattoo Machine -- Purple
  • Price:  $20.00
  • Model NO.:  TM-554G
  • Origin:  China
  • Product Details:  Spectra Halo Rotary Tattoo Machine -- Purple

SPECTRA "HALO" Rotary Tattoo Machine


SPECTRA "HALO" delivers the ultimate performance.
Powered by a reliable Swiss motor,(4.5watt 3.2-3.6mm stroke, body made from aircraft aluminium, the machine is crafted with CNC technology. The results: Precision and Durability. 
The unique “Resistance Adjustment System” allows this machine to be tweaked on the fly to suit your requirements.
The internal components are completely enclosed, preventing contamination and delivering a streamlined look.
The innovative design combined with a unique tool-less assembly system, make this machine the very first autoclavable rotary. Sanitation and maintenance of the machine will now be done with ease.
The MotorBolt System, ensures that your connection is always secure reducing the chances of connection failure from removing the the power cord constantly. The MotorBolt can be bagged along with your cord and taped around to keep away from cross contamination. This design allows you to sanitize it after each tattoo.
Core benefits:
Robust bearings, durable parts made to last
Mechanical commutation graphite (or precious metal brushes)
Excellent volume/performance ratio
Highest efficiency
Low inductance
No magnetic coggingHigh acceleration from low mass inertia
Low electromagnetic interference
Linear characteristics
High reliability
Be used as a liner or shader.
Compatible with all standard power supply, grips and needles

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