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EMALLA II Cartridge Needles HN-020-CM

  • Product Name:  EMALLA II Cartridge Needles HN-020-CM
  • Price:  $15.90
  • Model NO.:  HN-020-CM
  • Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  EMALLA
  • Minimum Order:  10BOX
  • Product Details:  EMALLA II Cartridge Needles HN-020-CM

  • Emalla II Cartridge Needles with Membrane Curved Magnum

  • New arrival Emalla II Cartridge Needles are the perfect choice for the professional artist

- Made of 316L medical grade stainless steel and medical grade transparent plastic for better vision.
- Individually packed and sterilized with EO gas (ethylene oxide).
- Easy to use and exchange. (with a simple twist)
- Each needle has a membrane system that allows the amount of liquid to be consistent in each stroke.
- Compatible with cartridge grips &  cheyenne hawk machines
- Packages of 20 units.
- Cartridges include color indicators that allow you to easily identify the type of needles you are using.


Minimum Quantity: 10 box for each size 


Models Diameter Packing MOQ Price
0809CM 0.25mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $17.90
0811CM 0.25mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
0813CM 0.25mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
0815CM 0.25mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $21.90
1007CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $17.90
1009CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $17.90
1011CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
1013CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
1015CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $21.90
1205CM 0.30mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $15.90
1207CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $17.90
1209CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $17.90
1211CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
1213CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $19.90
1215CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $21.90
1217CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $23.90
1219CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $23.90
1223CM 0.35mm 20pcs/box 10 Box $25.90


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